Where is the next cruise going?

Addicted to the sea, addicted to cruises: cruise ships take us to those places we dream of. To metropolises, hip islands and fascinating sights.

Our floating hotel offers us every conceivable comfort, and we save ourselves having to pack our bags several times when we visit several places. The question is, where does the next cruise in Europe take us? Popular destinations are the Mediterranean and the Nordic countries.

The Mediterranean - sun, enchanting landscapes and metropolises

The Mediterranean region is one of the preferred travel destinations for German cruisers. The reasons are obvious: within a few hours you can reach any departure port of the cruise ship from Germany. Regardless of whether the sea voyage begins in Barcelona in Spain, Genoa in Italy or Corfu in Greece, the flight duration does not play a major role for such destinations. There is also the chance of sunny, warm weather.

carnival magic fort lauderdale

Carnival Magic Fort Lauderdale

When choosing a route in the Mediterranean, travelers are spoiled for choice. What should you choose? You can choose from the Eastern Mediterranean, Western Mediterranean or Balearic Islands tours. Individual routes lead to Gibraltar and the North African coast in western Europe or to Greek and Turkish destinations in the east. In some cases, Cyprus and Israel are also on the cruise ship route list. Sea voyages in the western Mediterranean often begin in Barcelona, the largest cruise port in Europe. As for Barcelona, ​​we recommend arriving a day or two early to explore the spectacular Catalan metropolis on your own.



Sea days - relaxation and action on the ship

Cruises let us get to know cities and regions. But cruises do not consist exclusively of “Landtag”. Days at sea are also important. On days at sea, we let our minds wander and use the various offers on the cruise ship. Depending on the size of the ship, pool landscapes, wellness and spa offers, restaurants and lounges as well as a wide range of entertainment options are standard on modern cruise ships. There are casinos on many ships where guests can try their luck at tables or machines.

mallorca cruise ship estacio maritima

Majestic Princess Grand Casino



Dare to do something new - cruises in Northern Europe

When you think of sea voyages, you usually want sun, warmth and summer. But cruises in northern, colder regions also have their charm. It is not without reason that the Norwegian destinations have been tourist magnets for more than 100 years. Depending on the time of year, there is a chance to see the Northern Lights. These natural phenomena are so unique that they will be remembered many years later.
Auch Baltic cruises are increasingly in demand. Historic cities such as Gdańsk (Danzig), Riga, Tallinn, Helsinki and St. Petersburg were decisive in the Baltic Sea region for centuries. In contrast to the destinations of the Mediterranean, some of which are overrun by tourists, the Baltic states still want to be discovered. Baltic cruises offer us the opportunity to get to know the traditional port cities and their cultural monuments intensively.

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