AIDAnova - Scandinavia cruises from Kiel 2023

AIDAnova - Scandinavia cruises from Kiel 2023

Overview of the 14-day Scandinavia cruises from Kiel with the AIDAnova in der 2023 season. 

The route Scandinavia from Kiel will take over the cruise ship AIDAnova in the 2023 season. The German port of Kiel is the start and end port of these 14-day cruises to Scandinavia. The AIDAnova is one of the most modern and newest cruise ships from AIDA Cruises. Highlights are the Body & Soul SPA, the Activity Deck, the 4 Elements and of course the Beach Club.

skagen sandormenSkagen-Sandormen

On these Northern Europe cruises with the AIDAnova there are 8 Scandinavian destinations to discover. It is very positive that the AIDAnova is in the ports for a relatively long time, giving you plenty of time to explore the Scandinavian port cities on extensive shore leave.

AIDAnova Scandinavia from Kiel - 2023

aidanova scandinavia from kiel 2023


Kiel - Bergen - Nordfjord Oath - Ålesund - Stavanger - Kiel - Oslo - Kristiansand - Skagen - Copenhagen - keel

Travel dates

Her, 03.06.2023 - Her, 17.06.2023
Her, 10.06.2023 - Her, 24.06.2023
Her, 17.06.2023 - Her, 01.07.2023
Her, 24.06.2023 - Her, 08.07.2023
Her, 01.07.2023 - Her, 15.07.2023
Her, 08.07.2023 - Her, 22.07.2023
Her, 15.07.2023 - Her, 29.07.2023
Her, 22.07.2023 - Her, 05.08.2023
Her, 29.07.2023 - Her, 12.08.2023
Her, 05.08.2023 - Her, 19.08.2023
Her, 12.08.2023 - Her, 26.08.2023
Her, 19.08.2023 - Her, 02.09.2023
Her, 26.08.2023 - Her, 09.09.2023
Her, 02.09.2023 - Her, 16.09.2023
Her, 09.09.2023 - Her, 23.09.2023
Her, 16.09.2023 - Her, 30.09.2023
Her, 23.09.2023 - Her, 07.10.2023
Her, 30.09.2023 - Her, 14.10.2023
Her, 07.10.2023 - Her, 21.10.2023
Her, 14.10.2023 - Her, 28.10.2023

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Frequently asked questions about AIDAnova Scandinavia Cruises:

What is included in a Scandinavia cruise with the AIDAnova?

  • voyage
  • Port fees
  • Full board on board
  • All drinks with the main meals in the buffet restaurants (table wine, beer, soft drinks)
  • gratuities
  • Use of the extensive range of sports*
  • Use of the wellness offers*
  • Child care in the kids club
  • Visiting the events and shows on board
  • German speaking tour guide

*sometimes for a fee

What is additionally included if you book the cruise including flight?

  • Return flights
  • Transfers between Hamburg airport and port of Kiel (AIDAnova)
  • If the flight times are changed, AIDA will take care of everything

Should you Scandinavia Book a cruise with the AIDAnova including arrival?

If you want to be on the safe side, we recommend a booking that includes the flight. AIDA takes care of reaching the AIDAnova.

Alternatively, you can book the flights yourself. The advantage is that you are much more flexible in your choice of airport and departure time. You could, for example, arrive a day or two earlier and/or stay longer.

You should definitely check whether a flight makes sense or whether traveling by car or train is cheaper and/or faster.

What beverage packages are there on the Scandinavia AIDAnova cruises?

The AIDA bar menu is available for download here.

For adults:

1.) AIDA Light (non-alcoholic)

Included in this package are:

  • non-alcoholic cocktails and mixed drinks
  • Coffee specialties without alcohol
  • Cocoa and tea specialties without alcohol
  • milkshakes and froozies
  • delicious fruit juices
  • Soft drinks on tap (water, Fanta, Sprite and Coca-Cola)

The AIDA "Light" drinks package can be booked by guests aged 16 and over.

Price (per person and day): €12,90

2.) AIDA Comfort

This package contains the services from the AIDA "Light" package plus:

  • Wine and sparkling wine by the glass
  • freshly tapped beers and selected bottled beers (with and without alcohol)
  • non-alcoholic cocktails and mixed drinks
  • Coffee and tea specialties (also alcoholic)
  • milkshakes and froozies
  • fruit juices
  • Soft drinks on tap (water, Fanta, Sprite and Coca-Cola)

The AIDA "Comfort" beverage package is for guests from 18 years available. 

Price (per person and day): €24,90

3.) AIDA Comfort Deluxe and AIDA All Inclusive

This package includes the services from the AIDA "Comfort" package plus a selection of alcoholic mixed drinks and cocktails.

Price (per person and day): €34,90

For children:

1.) Kids & Teens Light

This package includes:

  • Cocoa
  • fruit and herbal tea
  • delicious fruit juices
  • Soft drinks on tap (water, Fanta, Sprite and Coca-Cola)

Price (per child and day): €7,90

2.) Kids & Teens Comfort and AIDA Kids & teens all inclusive

This package includes all drinks from the "Kids & Teens Light" package and additional extras. Which includes:

  • non-alcoholic cocktails and mixed drinks
  • Milkshakes & Froozies!
  • Soft drinks on tap (water, Fanta, Sprite and Coca-Cola)
  • Kids & Teens Drinks
  • Cocoa and fruit and herbal tea
  • fruit juices

     Price (per child and day): €11,90

The prices of the packages for Norway trips with the AIDAnova are subject to change.

Note from AIDA Cruises on the beverage packages:

"All drinks offered refer to the drinks listed in the general bar menu. Drinks in bar or restaurant-specific menu cards or from promotions are still not included. For exceptions and details, please refer to the terms and conditions under the respective beverage package on MyAIDA"

Where can I book beverage packages for the AIDAnova?

After booking the cruise on MyAIDA or directly on the ship on the first day.

Our tip: You should book the drinks package in advance, this saves time on board the ship.

What do you have to consider with the AIDA drinks package?

Before embarking on the cruise, you should inquire very carefully about what is included in the package. The best way to do this is to look at the terms and conditions of the beverage packages. On the AIDAnova, the reception is best able to help. You should also check your on-board account frequently at the terminal or online to rule out the possibility that drinks have been incorrectly charged.

How many passengers fit on the AIDAnova?

The AIDAnova can accommodate 5228 passengers with double occupancy.

What size is the AIDAnova?

The "AIDAnova" is 337 meters long and 42 meters wide and has 20 decks.

How high were the construction costs of the AIDAnova?

The AIDAnova cost around USD 950 million.

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