Havana's Capitol

US State Department bans cruises to Cuba

June 5, 2019 - The Trump administration forbids private travel to Cuba. In the future, all US citizens will not be allowed to travel to the Caribbean island by cruise ships, passenger ships or sailing yachts. Flights to Cuba with private or business planes are also prohibited. These measures are intended to withdraw funds from Cuba.

The State Department in Washington announced on Tuesday that travel restrictions had been passed in Cuba. The aim is to deny Cuba's security forces and secret services funding opportunities from tourism. The country is playing a destabilizing role in the western hemisphere. The ministry is thinking specifically of Cuba's role in Nicaragua and Venezuela. The easing of travel to the communist-ruled country decided by the previous Obama administration will be reduced.

Havana - Capitolio Nacional

Havana - Capitolio Nacional

This measure severely restricts private travel for American citizens. Even group educational trips are no longer permitted. Exceptions now only apply to family visits and journeys for journalistic and humanitarian purposes. Academic travel is also still permitted.

Cruises in particular are on the prohibited list. All American cruise companies are affected by the decision. As the first company has Royal Caribbean International Cuba cruises canceled. The ships heading for Cuba are being rerouted.



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