To the Expo Dubai with the Costa Firenze

To the Expo Dubai with the Costa Firenze

November 24, 2021 | World exhibitions have been held at regular intervals since 1851. World exhibitions have been dealing with educational and environmental issues for a long time. This is particularly true of the Expo in Dubai (UAE), which is the largest expo in history with 192 countries represented.

On more than four square kilometers, the exhibition until March 1, 2022 is dedicated to the three topics for which the world is looking for answers: sustainability, mobility and opportunities. All participating countries present solutions and innovations in their pavilions and give visitors concrete ideas on how to effectively shape life.

"Black Friday" offer for Dubai cruises with Costa

Costa Crociere is currently offering selected one-week cruises with the Costa Firenze between January and March 2022 under the title “Dubai and the Emirates”. Costa is currently calculating the until December 3st applicable Black Friday offer in the balcony cabin from 719 € pP.  Matching flights are available upon request.

The Black Friday offer includes the following services:

  • Covid insurance (see below)
  • Convenient option to rebook up to 15 days before the start of the trip.

COVID insurance included

The insurance "Corona-Urlaubschutz Basis Plus" from partner insurance HanseMerkur is included in the travel price and includes: 

  • Corona travel cancellation insurance
  • Corona holiday guarantee (travel interruption insurance)
  • Corona travel health insurance

More information and bookings on the Costa website as well as in any good travel agency.

costa firenze Costa Firenze

Why not combine this top international event with a cruise?

Similar to the Expo, people from many countries around the world come together on a Costa ship. Guests from different nations use this opportunity not only to visit the Expo and the booming metropolis Dubai, but also - as a bonus - to get a deeper impression of the Emirates and the cultural and scenic features. On the one-week cruises with the Costa Firenze, you will experience a two-day stay in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, and Muscat in Oman. Each of these desert emirates is fascinating in itself and thrives on contrasts: Souk next to skyscrapers, luxury cars and herds of camels, gigantic shopping malls and desert nights under the starry sky.

Costa Firenze: a tribute to Florence

The shipping company welcomes guests on board the Costa Firenze with Italian hospitality. The Costa Firenze, which went into service in 2021, pays homage to the Tuscan city of Florence. The public areas are inspired by well-known squares and buildings in the city. They give the ship a unique flair. Life on board is international; German-speaking guest care is offered. Excursions are held in German.

What does the Expo offer us?

The visitors of the world exhibition are invited to discover their topics of the individual countries and to actively help shape the expo. The Spanish pavilion shows a Hyperloop vehicle that accelerates to up to 1.000 km / h with negative pressure. In the German pavilion, the “Campus Germany”, visitors register for the subject of sustainability and take part in various seminars such as the “Energy Lab” or the “Future City Lab”. And in the Italian pavilion everything is about sustainable construction - among other things, algae remove CO² from the air here. The Italian shipping company Costa is a partner of the Italian pavilion and also stands for sustainability.

Sustainability at Costa

The goals of the UN Agenda 2030 are the basis of the Costa Group's strategy. The company has paved the way for sustainable innovation for the entire cruise sector, pioneering new technologies to reduce the environmental impact of its fleet. The use of liquefied natural gas on board the Costa Smeralda (commissioning December 2019) significantly reduces emissions. The environmental aspect is part of a comprehensive sustainability concept that aims to promote integrative tourism models that take the needs of local regions and communities into account.

More information and bookings on the Costa website as well as in any good travel agency.

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