Spectrum of the Seas in building dock II

Spectrum of the Seas leaves its construction dock

February 21, 2019 - The MEYER shipyard in Papenburg is expected to undock the Spectrum of the Seas next Monday. The fourth ship of the Quantum class is expected to leave its building dock around 8pm, subject to weather conditions. The Ems overpass will probably take place in mid-March 2019.

The cruise ship, measured at 169.300 GT, is 347,75 meters long and 41,40 meters wide and offers space for 4.184 passengers. Only after undocking does the Spectrum of the Seas receive its chimney cladding. With her she would not have fit through the huge gate of building docking hall II. In addition, the North Star, the glass viewing gondola on all ships in the Quantum class, has to be installed. In the port of the MEYER shipyard, further equipment work and tests are carried out on board until the Ems overpass towards the North Sea.

Spectrum of the Seas in building dock II

Spectrum of the Seas in building dock II © MEYER Werft

There is currently a machine room module of the Norwegian Encore at the equipment quay. That has to give way to the new building and will be after undocking the Spectrum of the Seas take their place in the building dock. The Norwegian Encore is scheduled to be completed in autumn 2019.

Unlike the predecessor ships of the Quantum class, the engine room module of the Spectrum of the Seas was built by the NEPTUN shipyard in Rostock. The Rostock shipyard is part of the MEYER group. After completion, the module was towed to the construction dock of the MEYER shipyard in Papenburg. According to the information received from the shipyard in November 2017, the Spectrum of the Seas is one of the five largest cruise ships in the world.






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