SH Vega - a new star in the sky of expedition cruise ships

SH Vega - a new star in the sky of expedition cruise ships

February 16, 2022 - In December 2020, we reported that the Swan Hellenic brand was making a comeback with three ships in the expedition cruise market after a year-long hiatus. It has now become known that the SH Vega, the second new building of the traditional brand, has left the construction dock in Helsinki, Finland. At the end of May 2022, SH Vega will embark on her maiden voyage to Iceland.

The expedition cruise ship segment appears to be a fast growing market. While large, established shipping companies are having considerable problems with the marketing and utilization of their (large) ships during the corona pandemic, many new construction of expedition ships are being announced.

Swan Hellenic - SH Vega

SH Vega - Photo © Swan Hellenic

The British brand Swan Hellenic has just reported that the SH Vega, the second new build, has left the shipyard. The SH Vega is comparable to the SH Minerva. The two ships are 113 meters long and 23 meters wide. The 5-star boutique ships each hold 152 passengers. They have 70 cabins and 6 suites. 120 employees take care of the well-being of the guests. The elegant ships are designed in Scandinavian style. Both ships have ice class PC 5. Modern technology is also used in the propulsion system. Battery packs enable emission-free and quiet travel in ports and sensitive regions of the world.

The SH Minerva is already in action. The SH Vega's maiden voyage is scheduled for May 29, 2022. The ship departs from Edinburgh bound for Iceland. True to the motto: "See what others don't see!"

In 2023 the duo will become a trio. A third and larger ship (192 passengers, 140 crew members, ice class PC 6) is added.



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