Across all seas - at home in the world with AIDA - seven travel diaries

"Across all seas" AIDA travel guide

January 12, 2023 – In July 2023 the will be released AIDA travel guide "Across all seas - at home in the world with AIDA - seven travel diaries" in MAIRDUMONT Verlag

dumont across all seas with aida at home in the world seven travel diaries

"Over all seasMAIRDUMONT Verlag

A new travel guide "Over all the seas" whets the appetite for AIDA cruises this year: In July 2023, the book "Over all the seas - with AIDA at home in the world - seven travel diaries" will appear in the program of DUMONT Reiseverlag.

On 224 pages, seven travelers report in the form of diaries on unforgettable cruise experiences at sea. Destinations from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean to the Indo-Pacific are presented with their special features. Stories about new cultures and ways of life as well as concrete travel tips for going ashore inspire and make you want to experience an AIDA cruise yourself.

There are also lots of practical tips for the boat trip: How is it to travel as a couple? Why is AIDA particularly exciting for families? How do two sisters experience their first sea voyage through the fjords of Norway? How is life on board as a disabled passenger? The book also provides exciting insights into the work of the crew.

The travel guide is rounded off with impressive pictures from the regions of the world you are visiting and from the vastness of the oceans.

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"Over the Seas" will be available from July 2023 at a price of 19,95 euros on Amazon

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