Heart on board the AIDAcosma

Heart on board the AIDAcosma

February 14, 2023 - Just in time for Valentine's Day, VOX is showing the first episode of the new four-part dating format "Herz on Board", which can be seen on VOX every Tuesday from 14:2023pm from February 20, 15 or seven days before the TV broadcast can be streamed on RTL+.

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AIDA Herzanbord on the AIDAcosma © AIDA Cruises - Philipp Rathmer

 The greatest adventure of their lives begins for four single women. On board AIDAcosma they are looking for their dream man in the endless expanses of the Mediterranean Sea. But every shore leave also means making a decision for love and the further journey.

In the first episode "Herz on board" the four single women meet for the first time at the port of Barcelona each other - this is where their journey together on the cruise ship AIDAcosma to great love begins. After a first tour of discovery of the 337 meter long ship, moderator Wayne Carpendale has a surprise in store: the four single men introduce themselves in a message in a bottle.

Meanwhile, AIDAcosma is setting course Palma de Mallorca, the first destination of the journey. In the picturesque capital, the lovers can get closer while dancing flamenco or while traveling on the historic "Red Lightning" tram see how well the candidates as lovers harmonize with each other. Who doesn't skip a faux pas? And with which couple are the first sparks flying? The men have to work hard, because the next morning the single women meet four other men.

The following day at sea offers enough time to explore the extensive range of offers on board AIDAcosma on exciting dates, whether it’s yoga for couples or a sushi course. Which men do the women choose at the end of the first episode? Who is her heart on board and who has to disembark at the next port? In the second episode, romantic dates in Italy are on the program: AIDAcosma brings the lovers, among other things La Spezia, where the contestants in Pisa are enjoying a classic Italian pasta and eating ice cream by the colourful Cinque Terre stroll. It is well known that love goes through the stomach. The next day the cruise ship docks in the city of love, in Civitavecchia/ Rome. Here the Roman god of love, Cupid, keeps his arrows of love ready.

The viewers at home who feel inspired by the AIDA voyage through the Mediterranean can easily satisfy their wanderlust. With the AIDA competition, viewers have the chance to win an AIDA travel voucher worth 3.000 euros every week. Participation is possible until 10:00am the following day.

All information about the AIDA competition and the dating show at VOX aida.de/herzanbord

AIDA heart palpitations – February is all about love at AIDA

In addition to the four-part dating show on board AIDAcosma, guests with and on AIDA Cruises will be in the mood for love throughout February: Holiday offers to make you fall in love are on the program around Valentine's Day. The campaign runs until February 15, 2023. Of course, February is also all about love on board the AIDA ships. Guests can look forward to lovingly prepared events and promotions - from culinary experiences to special arrangements in the Body & Soul Spa, at photo shoots or in the shops.

All information about the AIDA heartbeat in February aida.de/herzklopfen.

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