Hapag Lloyd new buildings

Hapag Lloyd - HANSEATIC nature further behind

April 25, 2019 - The devil is in the details. The VARD shipyard is unable to meet the originally announced handover date for the HANSEATIC nature. Hapag Lloyd Cruises has to cancel the christening ceremony and the maiden voyage scheduled for April 12, 2019. The first HANSEATIC nature cruise will definitely not start in Hamburg until May 5, 2019.

This makes it clear that the first journey of the new building with passengers will start almost two years after the first steel cut. This took place on May 9, 2017 in Tulcea, Romania. Over the course of 14 months, the outer hull of the future Hapag Lloyd Cruises expedition ship was built in the dock of the Romanian branch of the Norwegian VARD shipyard. After the work was completed, the shell was towed to Norway.

Hapag Lloyd Cruises - new buildings

Hapag Lloyd Cruises - New Buildings © Hapag Lloyd Cruises

After the towing convoy arrived, VARD Langsten Werft was able to start the second construction phase with the interior work. Over time there were obviously serious and unexpected delays. - Since the delay had been evident for some time, the Hamburg shipping company had given its guests the opportunity to cancel the maiden voyage free of charge. As a consolation, those who are prevented from booking a cruise will be credited with 50 percent of the sea voyage price for the maiden voyage. This offer applies to all cruises with Hapag-Lloyd Cruises until September 2021. Travel agencies do not go away empty-handed. You are allowed to keep your commission on the original booking.

Together with the structurally identical sister ship HANSEATIC spirit, Hapag Lloyd Cruises is establishing its own class of ship. The small and agile expedition ships are given the highest ice class for passenger ships (PC6). The new buildings are also set up for trips to hot water regions. Both ships guarantee their passengers in polar regions or on the Amazon expedition experiences and the greatest possible proximity to nature. 





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