Cruise ships: - forever and ever greener?

Cruise ships: - forever and ever greener?

August 8, 2018 - Usual stereotypes are:A cruise ship causes as much fine dust as five million cars (environmental association Nabu). Popular cruise destinations like Barcelona or Venice are overrun by cruise ships. And the residents of the port areas suffer from emissions from the cruise ships.

Cruises are enjoying growing demand. The cruise industry is reacting to this with ship orders that reach far into the future. The order books of the shipyards are well filled until 2024/26, and apart from small expedition cruise ships, the ships are getting bigger and bigger. The few authoritative industry leaders use their market opportunities. Recently, Germany's No. 1 for cruises, AIDA Cruises, the annual sustainability report with the pleasant title “AIDA cares 2018”.

It goes without saying that AIDA Cruises, a Carnival group company that presents activities on the topics of environmental protection and energy saving in a striking manner. But something else is interesting. What is meant is the hesitant behavior of the port cities when implementing environmental protection measures. The port companies, as the organs of the port cities, have the power to take regulatory measures to protect their residents.

AIDAprima in the port of Rotterdam

Aida Prima - can be operated with LNG in port operations thanks to the dual-fuel engine

An effective measure would be that Delivery of shore power. Nine out of twelve AIDA ships are equipped with shore power connections. But only one German port offers shore power connection, namely Hamburg. Shore power could be available in Kiel from 2019 and with Rostock, the AIDA company location, talks are being held. How it looks with the delivery of shore power in the rest of Europe can only be guessed at. School grade insufficient!

And then there is that Supply with the low-emission liquefied natural gas LNG. Currently, this energy source can only be used in seven European ports. Also claimed here Hamburg again the German pioneering role.

New Mein Schiff 1 - Scrubber washes off exhaust gases from the auxiliary engine

New Mein Schiff 1 - Scrubber washes off exhaust gases from the auxiliary machine

Conclusion: As long as no requirements are made in Europe or worldwide to avoid ship emissions, “clean” cruise ships will remain a pipe dream. Then it is left to responsible companies to use effective exhaust gas cleaning systems such as those on the new Mein Schiff 1. By the way: Norway is acting. From 2026, only electrically powered cruise ships will be allowed to sail on the Geiranger and Nærofjords.




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