AIDAcosma soon to start filming the dating show

AIDAcosma soon to start filming the dating show "Herz on board"

July 07, 2022 - On board AIDAcosma: Start of shooting for the new highlight format at VOX. Apply now for the new dating show and experience a cruise to happiness in the Mediterranean

"Herz on board" is the name of the new highlight format on VOX in cooperation with AIDA Cruises, which will be broadcast in 2023. Preparations for the dating show are in full swing. Together with the cruise company, the television station is currently looking for open-minded singles who would like to find love during a dreamlike AIDA cruise. We are looking for open-minded and sociable women and men.

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The start of filming on board of AIDAcosma is already the beginning of September 2022. On the youngest ship in the AIDA fleet, four single women and the male candidates are going on a journey to the Mediterranean treasures in the Mediterranean: romantic dates are available for the lovebirds both on board and in Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Florence, Rome and Corsica on the program. In the search for the man for life, the participants have to face various tasks. For example, every shore leave becomes a heartbreaking test, because the bachelorette girls meet a new man in every new port. For each stop that AIDAcosma makes, a fateful decision has to be made between two men: With whom will the singles start the next leg of the ship's journey and who will they leave behind at the pier?

At the beginning of 2023, VOX viewers will experience both an exciting dating adventure at sea and the AIDA holiday world on board. If you don't just want to be there from the comfort of your own home, but want to be an exclusive participant, simply apply to AIDA. For the guests on board AIDAcosma, the production offers a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes of a new TV format.

AIDAcosma is one of the most innovative cruise ships with outstanding worlds of experience. Guests can expect a huge variety of offers. The beautiful new Ocean Deck extends over four decks and offers XNUMX° panoramic ocean views and an infinity pool at the stern of the ship. Also on board is the new fun park with a large indoor playground and the new bouldering wall for lots of variety. The variety of connoisseurs on board has also been expanded again: In the new specialty restaurant Beach House, light summer delicacies are served. The Brauhaus scores with an outdoor grill with a wonderful sea view and the specialty restaurant Mamma Mia offers homemade pasta and fresh Italian cuisine with service at your seat. AIDAcosma also convinces with this AIDAnova popular features such as the Beach Club, the Theatrium with its 360° stage, the TV studio and the spacious Body & Soul Organic Spa. Guests are spoiled with culinary delights in 17 restaurants and 23 bars and cafés.

Until October 15, 2022, AIDAcosma is on the one-week highlight route "Mediterranean Treasures" -> AIDAcosma - Mediterranean Sea on road. In autumn she sets course for her sunny winter home in Dubai -> AIDAcosma from Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

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