Cruise from Hamburg - Parking at the Hamburg cruise terminals and the alternatives

The port of Hamburg's cruise terminals are indispensable for the German cruise industry. In 2019 Cruise Gate Hamburg, the operating company of the Hanseatic cruise terminals, handled 210 ships with 800.000 passengers. Only the port of Rostock-Warnemünde topped this performance. Before the corona pandemic, cruises enjoyed increasing popularity around the world. And that is how it will remain after the epidemic is overcome. Large groups of the population book cruises: young people, families and senior citizens alike frequent the floating hotels.

In the Hanseatic city on the Elbe, four terminals are reserved for cruise ships and their passengers. There are the Cruise Center HafenCity near downtown Hamburg, the Cruise Center Altona behind the Hamburg fish market, the temporary Cruise Center Baakenhöft in the eastern HafenCity as well as the Cruise Center Steinwerder at Kronprinzkai. Steinwerder is currently considered the most modern handling terminal in Hamburg. In the case of major maritime events or multiple calls, the pier at the Überseebrücke is also chosen as a berth for smaller cruise ships.

hamburg 221 cruise terminal steinwerder

Cruise Center Steinwerder

Parking at the port of Hamburg is expensive

The convenient transport links to the terminals make it easier to travel by car. However, the number of parking spaces is limited. Most of the parking spaces are provided by the Steinwerder terminal, which has 1500 flood-proof long-term and short-term parking spaces. However, there is one downer: parking space costs. For 14 days of parking in parking lot A in Steinwerder, a cost of 145 euros is currently to be expected when booking on site. The online booking reduces the parking fee to 129 euros. Long-term parking in the drop-off zone is much more expensive.

In order to save the travel budget, travelers look for alternative parking options. That offers one possibility Parking at Hamburg Airport. Parking can be made cheaper through the service of Some of the service providers mentioned in the parking lot comparison also serve travelers on cruises. The airport is located in the northern residential area of ​​Hamburg. The cost of parking is lower than at the more distant cruise terminals. The valet service offers the transfer of your own car as an additional service. It is driven from the port to the airport and made available to travelers on time after the cruise. This service requires additional effort and costs. The service provided by the parking service provider only pays off if you travel for two weeks or more.



Arrive by bus and train and avoid parking fees

An alternative to traveling by car is traveling by bus and train. The Arrival by bus and train is often a stressful endeavor for families with small children. Depending on where you live, prices for train tickets are comparable to those for parking at the Port of Hamburg. It is important to consider whether it is financially worthwhile to travel to and from the airport by public transport. Traveling with your own vehicle offers decisive advantages. All luggage can be conveniently stowed in the trunk. And the drive to the port is much more relaxed in your own car.

hamburg cruise terminal altona

Cruise Center Hamburg Altona

hamburg cruise terminal altona

Cruise Center Altona with cruise ship Aida Luna

Free parking near the port of Hamburg poses risks

Anyone who tries to avoid the high parking fees at the port and is looking for a parking space in the immediate vicinity of the terminals often needs staying power. Inexpensive parking spaces or free parking spaces near the port are rare. Often it turns into a game of chance when looking for a parking space in the vicinity of the port. It is strongly recommended that you do not leave your car in a private car park in a residential area while cruising. Residents like to have non-local cars towed away by long-term parkers. In such cases, cruise passengers incur high costs.

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