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Nova Scotia is worth a (sea) trip. Located below Labrador and southwest of Newfoundland, the 55.300 km² peninsula borders the Canadian province of New Brunswick. The enchanting stretch of land has a coastline of 7.400 kilometers; Thousands of bays form the shore landscape and more than 3.800 islands are scattered off the coast in the Atlantic Ocean. Long, white sandy beaches line the sea in eastern Nova Scotia. The climate is very pleasant in the summer and autumn months; No wonder, after all, Nova Scotia is level with the Bay of Biscay. It is therefore not surprising that wine is grown there.  

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

Especially in the world-famous "Indian Summer", the ships of leading cruise lines call at various ports along the American and Canadian east coast on routes between New York and Québec, Canada. In 2014 cruise ships operated by 18 companies visited Halifax, the island capital of Nova Scotia. Approximately one million people were counted in the province of Nova Scotia in 2006. About 120.000 people live in Halifax and 400.000 people live in the Halifax metropolitan area.

Halifax skyline

Halifax skyline

Cruise guests can find in Halifax Seaport a state-of-the-art terminal building at the south end of the Halifax seafront-Promenade connects. The city fathers endeavor to make the stay as pleasant as possible for the approx. 250 visitors arriving by cruise ship.

Halifax-Cruise Terminal

Halifax-Cruise Terminal

A map of Halifax and the sister city of Dartmouth across the street will be distributed in the terminal building. The map contains useful route recommendations for city tours. If you want, you can also get information about the 25 most important attractions of the Nova Scotia Peninsula. These include:

  • a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage City Lunenburg
  • a stay in the fishing town Peggy's Cove
  • Flying visits to eleven regional wineriesPlease note that Halifax is at a similar longitude as Bordeaux
  • the Halifax Citadel
  • the Halifax waterfront
  • Whale Watching offshore
  • Excursions with classic sailing ships

Halifax CitadelHalifax - Shops on the HarbourwalkHalifax - sailing ship Mar

The following should be taken into account when choosing goals

The small town Lunenburg is about 100 km from Halifax. The community, founded in 1753, was originally settled by Protestants from Germany, Switzerland and parts of France. Lunenburg is considered the oldest “German” settlement in Canada. In 1995 it was given the status of a UNESCO World Heritage City. The city center, which is characterized by colorful wooden houses and old captains' houses, is particularly beautiful. The distance between Halifax and Lunenburg, however, suggests that this excursion should be avoided.

The one only 45 kilometers away Peggy's Cove however, a visit could be made. The city of 650 residents is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Nova Scotia. The influx of new citizens into the town is strictly regulated by the provincial government and the municipality. This does not apply to day guests. They come to Peggy's Cove, around the red and white painted lighthouse Peggy's Point to see. The decommissioned beacon is said to be one of the most photographed objects on Canada's Atlantic coast.

But why should one wander into the distance when Halifax also has a lot to offer?

Sights and highlights in Halifax include

  • the catholic cathedral St. Mary's Basilica and Canada's oldest church, the Evangelical Anglican St. Paul's Church
  • the Halifax Citadelwho have favourited National Memorial and Army Museum
  • the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
  • different Museum ships
  • the Halifax Public Gardens
  • the Town hall
  • the attractive promenade Halifax Harbourwalk

Halifax - Choir of the Catholic CathedralHalifax - Casemates of the CitadelHalifax - Maritime Museum of the AtlanticHalifax - HarbourwalkHalifax - The City Hall and the Grand ParadeHalifax - The last corvette

If you like lighthouses in a spectacular setting, you won't want to miss Peggy's Cove. Those who do without it are content with a walking tour of Halifax. What there is to see and do can be found under “A day in Halifax”.



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